Vancouver Wine Festival – on the wireless!

8.48am, Saturday 28th February, Last day in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Morning folks, I did the right thing – again – last night. As we left the convention centre at the end of the consumer tasting session, I heard that dangerous question start “Hey Ferrari, coming for a drink?”I did walk in with the lads, but didn’t even take my back pack off. So glad this morning! I’ve just dived into Starbucks downstairs and loaded up with oatmeal – stirred in the fruit and brown sugar – and flat white, thrown a few more things in the suitcase, and now I’m back to bed for an hour before getting set for the last day of the Festival. Here’s what the day looks like:

1. 10.30am – 2pm Go to the convention centre and set up for the Wine Australia event “Restaurant Australia” consumer grazing lunch – we’re pouring 2013 Y Vermentino and 2012 Scribbler

2. 2- 3pm  Across the road to the bar of the Fairmont – signing bottles of the 2010 Signature that was sold at the Union Club event on Victoria Island last year. This is where we’ll grab some bar snacks for lunch as well 

3. 3-5pm Consumer tasting session – this is where it gets crazy folks, I like to affectionately call this “the cauldron”

4. I get to leave the cauldron early as I have one more event to do – “25 under $25” – this is local wine guy James Nevison’s event, and it’s important to showcase the good wine that’s about at reasonable prices, so we’re in. James is a lovely young bloke, so it’s good to support him as well.

5.15 – 6.30pm “25 under $25”

5. 7 -10pm The final consumer tasting session – I’ll be late to this one as I’ll be packing my gear up – my flight out to Houston, TX tomorrow leaves at 7.30am, which means 5.30 am in the cab and moving, which means 4am up and at Em!

6. 10pm – making a valiant attempt to not go out with the boys after work!

So I’d better get mobile! Here’s two of our good Vancouver mates – Queen and King of the wine vibe airwaves respectively …..Daenna Van Mulligan and Anthony Gismondi……broadcasting from the festival.

See ya when it’s Texas!

Oh, here’s the other stuff we did at the festival…..

We went to this seminar with the 2008 Octavius…….then…..

had dinner on the run at Tim Hortons after the Barossa Old Vine seminar. I put Vegemite on my bread roll and that got me through the following tasting session!

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