Yalumba at Vancouver Wine Fest 2015

11.32pm, Tuesday 24th February, Canada Place, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Just back from our first Van Wine Fest event, and I’ve got one more job to do before ‘lights out’! I promised a list of what we’ll be up to this Festival Week. I’ve listed everything that we know of below – and with any luck we’ll see you at least once…..somewhere!


1.30-3.30pm. “Shiraz Aussie Superstar” trade seminar

6.30-10pm. “Wizards Of Oz” Dinner – Chambar Restaurant ***Jason Yamakazi Head Sommelier – representing BC at the top Canadian Sommelier event soon in Toronto.


9.30-11.30am. “Past Present & Future” – Australian theme country opening plenary session

1.30-2.30pm Trade buyers tasting session

2.30-5pm. General trade tasting session

5.15pm – 6.45pm. “All About Syrah” seminar

7-10pm. Consumer tasting session


9-11am. Unofficial breakfast at Acme Cafe

1.30-4pm. Trade tasting session

4.30-6.45pm Barossa Old Vine Heritage ” Seminar

7-10pm. Consumer tasting session


11.30am – 2pm. “Restaurant Australia” consumer tasting

3-4.30pm. Consumer tasting session

5.15 – 6.45pm. “25 under $25” event ***with James Nevison – The Provinces wine guy

8-10pm. Consumer tasting session

Apart from that, you’ll find me at Starbucks or Tim Hortons in the Waterfront Food Hall!



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