Vintage 2015 is about to happen….here

4.03pm, Tuesday 20th January, Eden Valley Road, The Barossa, South Australia

Afternoon folks, and it’s that Tour Down Under ‘push bikes are back in fashion’ time that we have in the Barossa this year. They started today’s ‘leg’ in the Tanunda Main Street, did two laps of the Barossa – going past our front gate twice to the delight of most of the female staff assembled down there – and finished down in Adelaide. Yes folks, all those shaved legs and skin tight Lycra outfits……and that was just the men!! We do look forward to having the cycling world in our world for the day. And they had a really nice day for it.

And folks, a ‘nice day’ is much the same for a grapevine as for a world class cyclist. You’re looking for warm – definitely not hot – days, preferably with a bit of a breeze, and cool nights. Both tend to thrive in those conditions. And that means that the grapes in the Barossa – both ‘upstairs’ in the Eden Valley and ‘downstairs’ on the Valley floor – are hurtling along and ripening up. Now because the Eden Valley has much cooler nights, the grapes tend to ripen a little later, and the easiest way to show this is with some photos I took three days ago.

The first photo is shiraz – from the Eden Valley – and it is just going through ‘veraison’ or colour change. On the same day, I took the second photo, which is Shiraz, but down on the Valley Floor, near Vine Vale. As you can see, it’s well past veraison and ripening well.

So keep an eye on the blog, as over the next couple of weeks we’ll be out and about with the winemakers having a look at what’s happening in the rows right across the Barossa. Also, I’ll be tagging along with our single vineyard specialist winemaker Peter Gambetta, when he’s off to Coonawarra on Thursday next week to see how things are developing in our Menzies and Cigar vineyards. Yay! Roadtrip! Spectacular sausage rolls and apple buns from the Naracoorte bakery!!

Any rate – have a look at the difference between these two shiraz vineyards – Eden Valley then The Barossa floor… thing’s for sure. If the weather stays much as it is, then we’ll be crushing in the second week of February.



Oh I nearly forgot. The Kapunda Trotting Club opened its 4 twilight meeting calendar last Sunday, and we went along and had a high old time. Thanks a huge amount to the boys from the Angas Park Hotel (Nuriootpa) who we ran into, and gave us the hot tip about their trotter “Boundary Row”. They were deadset sure that the horse was going well, and had every chance of being a big winner. They had a local lad Michael Smith driving, so we just had to do the right thing and back it! Big plunge of $5 each way, and we were on! Well, Michael and Boundary Row did everything right and won the race, we collected, and felt like big time punters! Good times! So if you’re in the Barossa on Sunday February 1st and the weather is kind……get out to the Kapunda twilight trots……old school good time live entertainment. Thanks Boundary Row and everyone at the Kapunda Trots.


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