Today’s sweet thing? Burnt Fig Jam

4.30pm, Tuesday 13th January, Eden Valley Road, Angaston, The Barossa, South Australia

Afternoon folks, from a very gratefully soggy Barossa after 4 consecutive days of rain. Everyone benefits around here from a nice long drink of rainwater, especially the vege gardens and the grapevines. Any rate, I thought I’d just drop a little bit of very local sweet stuff into the blog today, because we’re lucky enough to have Maggie Beer and her Farm Shop in the Barossa – a bottomless pit of fabulous flavours!! Now I heard a rumour that Maggie has a special birthday coming up this weekend….and there’s a local folks choir that Maggie sings with, and they’re doing the background doooo woppp music for the festivities. Good luck with all that gals!

But I’m going to join in and celebrate with my favourite Maggie Beer good stuff in a jar…….Yep……the absolutely unique and seriously sticky Burnt Fig Jam!! On anything…..toast, scones, bruschetta, currant buns from Apex Bakery, and that local fall apart crisp bread Barossa Bark. You should try some!


One response to “Today’s sweet thing? Burnt Fig Jam

  1. The burnt fig is a winner on all fronts! – It’s good to see you back online Jane!!

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