Best currant bun in the world??

10.01am, Saturday 10th January, Tank 12 underneath Yalumba, Eden Valley Road, Angaston The Barossa, South Australia

Morning folks – it’s raining here in the Barossa today, and that’s always a good thing. I’m warm and dry here under the winery in Tank 12, an old stone fermentation vat that we’ve reclaimed and turned into a tasting room, and in about half an hour I’ll be taking a Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz blend class for some mates of ours from The Old Lion hotel down there in North Adelaide.

So whilst I’m waiting, I’d like to share my morning tea with you – possibly the best currant bun in the world…..which up until about 4 hours ago……was still in the fabulous old wood fired oven at Apex Bakery in Tanunda. It’s worth the drive down the hill from Angaston for this particular bun, believe me!! The Fechner family has been turning out magnificent bread, pies, pasties, cakes, and biscuits from that oven for the last 85 years. One of the nice things about being a local around here is that I’ve been lucky enough to be out in the Bakehouse several times just before 6am when the oven starts to cool, and the buns and cakes go in. I reckon I put on a kilo just breathing that bakehouse air! But I do love their currant buns!!

Have a look for yourself….too bad the technical folk haven’t figured out how to do ‘scratch the screen and taste’ yet!! Any rate, wherever you are, track down a proper bakery bun today and have it for morning or afternoon tea……and don’t forget to load it with a liberal amount of butter….it always tastes better!!

Cheers from a soggy Barossa today….


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