‘Set Jetting’ – What’s that all about??

10.14am, Wednesday 7th January, Eden Valley Road, Angaston, The Barossa, South Australia

Morning folks, and today I’m going to introduce you to one of my favourite things – visiting the site of my favourite books / films / songs or TV shows – something I’m lucky enough to do whilst travelling around the world encouraging people to fall in love with Yalumba and its wines. Apparently this really neat pursuit of tracking down the locations from the stories you love is now called “Set Jetting” – where you travel specifically on a mission to see these spots first hand. So now it appears I’m part of a legitimate sub culture, as I’m definitely a Set Jetter……..and have been for the last 25 years!!

So from time to time, and wherever travelling along the track takes us, I’ll show you one of the Set Jetter spots that I’ve found. Today I’ve chosen an oldie but a goodie – a spot that I only recently visited, because I happened to be driving from Fisherman’s Retreat (our great restaurant / wedding lodge / 500 whiskys in the bar) mates in Ramsbottom, Lancashire, England – down to London…..and with a slight detour into the leafy green countryside near Stockport in Cheshire……I found it!

Yes folks, this is Lyme Hall, the big house in the middle of a 1300 acre estate on the edge of the Peak District up in my favourite ‘grim north’ part of England – complete with resident deer herds. You may – if you’re a Colin Firth fan and happen to have worn out your copy of the ‘Pride & Prejudice’ TV show, especially the wet shirt scenes! – recognise Lyme Hall more easily as “Pemberley”. Yes – that would be the family home of our hero Mr Darcy, played so jolly broodingly by our man Colin – and here it is, in all its first thing in the morning, not overrun by tourists yet glory. It’s enough to get you all wistful and romantic…….all we need is a bulging picnic basket, a couple of frolicking hunting dogs, Mr Darcy in those amazingly attractive dark green breeches and high boots…….aaaah yes……I for one would be there with my ears pinned back!!

Enjoy your daydreaming happy readers!


2 responses to “‘Set Jetting’ – What’s that all about??

  1. Wow! I am one of those who have worn out my copy of ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Lucky you.

  2. when are you next in London ?
    Mari Gagg@rothschild

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