Starting 2015 with the right spirit

Tuesday 6th January, 2.26pm, Eden Valley Road, Angaston, The Barossa, South Australia

Once upon a time……back in the olden days, when the Barossa Valley was young – from 1890 through 1915, we were called “the Vineyard of the Empire”. Why? Because we were part of the emerging powerhouse colony for the British Empire that was Australia, and our job was to make barrels and barrels of fortified wines – port, sherry, muscat, and Madeira – that went on boats across the waves to England on the other side of the world.

So…..every winery around the Barossa back in that day……had its own stillhouse. You made your spirit to fortify your wine styles, and fortunately for us here at Yalumba……our still still runs!! Another stroke of luck for us is that we’re good mates with the Coopers beer making family who have been brewing down in Adelaide for 90 years, so they help us out with some very smart malted barley, it’s seeded with yeast and fermented in our cellars, then we distill it through our copper pot still, and hide the whisky away in oak barrels to age gracefully for as long as we can let it.

Every now and then we bottle off a barrel of our Smith’s Angaston Whisky – usually a hogshead, which holds 60 odd gallons or 300 litres. We did this last month with a hogshead of whisky distilled back in 2000, which has seen time in French oak used to age white wine, as well as an old sherry cask. 560 bottles came out of that barrel, and I reckon it’s all about starting the New Year with the right spirit…….so you can guess where one of those 560 bottles is going …….Yep…….to a good home with me!!!

Happy New 2015 folks, and stay tuned, as I’ll be letting you know in the next week or so what we’re doing Yalumba event wise in the first half of the year across Canada, the USA, and Australia


2 responses to “Starting 2015 with the right spirit

  1. I want a bottle!

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