2015 – Hot Stuff!!

10.02am, The Clocktower, Eden Valley Road, Angaston, South Australia

Morning folks! After severe pressure from some very persuasive readers….the blog is back!! We’ve had a bit of a scorching start to the New Year, and with several days of high 30 and 40 degree C days plus nasty strong gusty winds – that’s unfortunately the recipe for one of Australia’s worst nightmares – bushfire. Right now there’s a massive fireground in the Adelaide Hills well to the south of us here in the Barossa, and with any luck our CFS ( volunteer firefighters) that’s being supported by extra manpower and water bombing planes from Victoria and New South Wales will be able to keep it contained as the temperatures and winds build again this week through Wednesday night. With a cooler weekend forecast and a bit of rain on the horizon, all our fingers are crossed.

Up on Menglers Hill the night before last, there was a spectacular sunset through the bushfire smoke haze, and it never fails to amaze us how Mother Nature pulls off such beautiful and brutal conditions in the same day

So happy New Year – we hope 2015 treats you really well – stay safe, and if you’re in our hemisphere……keep that sunblock slathered on thick!!


2 responses to “2015 – Hot Stuff!!

  1. Yaaaay!! So glad to have you back in our lives on a regular basis!!!
    May 2015 be filled with good health, love, family, friends, and prosperity!!
    Renae and Mark Newhouse
    Philadelphia via State Line Liquors

    • Thanks a million folks…..those ‘Stateline nights’ are out there on their own….I love em!! Take good care, happy new 2015, thanks enormously for your support, and I’ll see ya when it’s in Elkton, MD!

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