Old Vegas Downtown – the Glitter Gulch ‘must do’ food!!

11.36am, Wednesday 11th December, Du Pars ‘Bay City Diner’, Golden Gate Casino, Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Morning folks, I’m perched on my luxe burgundy stitched and padded swivel stool at the timber dining counter in Du Par’s ‘Bay City Diner’ – which you’ll find tucked into the back corner of the old school Vegas downtown gem of a casino – the Golden Gate. Yep, that’s the one that featured in CSI Las Vegas – the original and best – bring back Gil Grissom!! I’m having an early lunch, and what better way to do old school Vegas than the $2.99 ‘Best Tail In Town’ Shrimp Cocktail. Baby shrimp – that’s prawns in Australian folks – jam packed into an ice cream parfait glass, topped with the house ‘secret marinara sauce’. A dash of lemon juice, and a bit of cracked pepper and…….mmmm……I can see why it hasn’t left the menu for 40 something years.

Now….for dessert. I’m going to resist the temptation of Du Par’s house baked lemon ‘mile high’ meringue pie, and wander across the road to invest 99cents – that’s $1.07 with tax folks – into a serve of deep fried Oreo biscuits! They dip the bikkie into funnel cake mix – like a fluffy pancake kind of thing- then flash dept fry them, and top them with a snowdrift of powder sugar laced with chocolate sprinkles. Yep….that’s my idea of a two course meal!

See you when it’s later on,

Oh…forgot the photos – the shrimp cocktail


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