Las Vegas NV – Day 1 – snow flurries expected!!

8.05am, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Morning folks, and it’s a chilly one here in Las Vegas – with snow flurries expected today – for the first time in 5 years. Good thing I’ve still got that de icing windscreen fluid on board. Better fill up before I head out today – I have two museums on my ‘to do’ list. First up theres the Mob Museum in the old Federal Courthouse building downtown – the actual site of the 1950 local sessions of the Kefauver investigations into organised crime. Then this afternoon it’s off to the Atomic Testing Museum – I’ve been there before and it was worth the admission price just to watch the footage of the above ground atomic bomb testing – yep, the ones that Las Vegas folks got together and watched from downtown rooftops and bars! If you ever needed a reminder about why that stuff is so jolly dangerous……..this is the sobering spot to see it. But I’m going back for a new exhibit – ‘Area 51 Myth or Reality’. Ive driven the Extraterrestrial Highway all the way out to Rachel, Nevada – the tiny hamlet perched at the foot of the peaks that make up one of the Area 51 boundaries. I’ve had lunch at the little Ali Inn – and heard the stories about all sorts of interesting local ‘observations and happenings’, so I’m thrilled to bits that The Atomic Museum is going to clarify it all! Or maybe not! Then this evening, at the same venue, there’s a special event film screening of the documentary “Pearl Harbour – One Last Goodbye” It’s the story of a group of 6 survivors of that morning attack who go back to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the event – an unique look at a pivotal historical moment through the eyes of folks who were actually there. I heard the movie producers on a fabulous local public radio interview session yesterday – so now I’m keen to see the documentary.

OK! Best make tracks before the weather gets ugly.

See ya when I’ve got some Vegas pics to share

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