That was New Mexico! This is Arizona!

Wednesday 4th December, Holbrook, Arizona

I woke up this morning with the wind whistling around my Tee Pee – yes folks, you read right – my Tee Pee. Started in Amarillo , Texas – and belted through New Mexico yesterday into Arizona. Winterstorm Cleon started to send fingers of 35 mile an hour winds into Alburquerque yesterday, so after having a chat to the young lad at the hotel, I decided to make a run for Vegas….to beat the worst of the storm. So out the window went the plans for visiting every Route 66 attraction in New Mexico and Arizona!! It’s a bit of a shame really, as I had big plans to see all sorts of stuff around the Flagstaff area, which sits pretty much on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Never mind, we’ll see what the weathers like there in about 90 miles time – more than happy to drive through the snow predicted for today and tomorrow – just not keen on the icy aftermath – which is what caused so much havoc after the recent Winterstorm Boreas. Any rate, worst comes to the worst – 2 extra days in Vegas!! Elvis tribute artists, the Mob Museum, Margaritaville. Route 66 will still be there……




One response to “That was New Mexico! This is Arizona!

  1. Good decision! Be safe.

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