Why the roadtrip to Vegas?

Monday 2nd December, Amarillo, Texas, USA

We had a 9 week program of Yalumba events across the USA and Canada, and as luck would have it, we finished with Thanksgiving in Houston, Texas. So with my two weeks off after the work program – what to do, where to go? More Elvis and BBQ in Memphis? More blues and BBQ with the Shack Up Inn boys and Red in Clarksdale? More blues and shrimp in Louisiana?

Nope. Back in May when planning the trip, I saw that Merle Haggard was playing December 12th in Las Vegas. Done. And instead of flying up – I thought it would be a top chance to see a big chunk of the USA from the ground up … so that’s where the roadtrip came from.

But by luck, turns out Dwight Yoakham was scheduled to play the Golden Nugget at the start of the same week. So I thought – lash out, get a ticket to Monday night’s show and stay the week … at The Nugget downtown Vegas.

All booked, back in May, I didn’t even look at what else was on, or why those boys were playing Vegas the same week. On the first Southwest flight of the US trip – the program for that week at the Nugget was in the magazine – who’s filling in the two nights between Dwight and Merle? willie Nelson! True story! And why the star studded country line up that week? It’s the National Finals Rodeo!

So I’ve got a ticket to see Merle Haggard, and Vegas is going to be full of cowboys. I just don’t think it gets any better than that

That’s why the road trip


2 responses to “Why the roadtrip to Vegas?

  1. Vegas is really an awesome place to visit. Its a fun and exciting place.

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