Roadtripping through Texas

5.23pm, Monday 2nd December, Coulter Street, Amarillo, Texas, USA

Hey folks, after some serious pressure from some hard core readers – you know who you are – from Vancouver, California, Angaston … the blog is back. To cut a long story short, we barnstormed our way across 11 states of the US and 3 provinces of Canada from September through November. We won a lot of hearts and palates for Yalumba, and we caught up with a lot of old mates – consumers of all levels from beginners to collectors (rubbish word that – consumers – should be more like ‘mates that we’ve come to know and like, who drink and promote our wines because they like them’ – but thats a really long word. Guess I’ll stick with ‘consumers’ for now. But you know you’re more important than that.) and restaurateurs and wine merchants and journalists who have become ‘fortresses’ on our ‘Great Wall of Yalumba’ that we’re building across the continent. I will do some thumbnail sketches of various events and adventures in different arenas in the next few days – promise – but this is just an initial “I’m back” notice.

Plus, we are losing one of our great mates – Tony Bogar – that has been working at Yalumba and Negociants International for the past 10 years. He’s leaving to move back to the USA, and amongst other things, he edited my blog. Seeing as Tony’s last day is at the end of this week, I wanted to give him something to edit

So here we go!


2 responses to “Roadtripping through Texas

  1. Love the challenge of that parenthetical aside, Jane! Welcome back to the blogoshpere. Tony (the editor)

  2. I am thrilled, I love to read your stories…..

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