Keeping an eye on Winterstorm Cleon!

5.15am, Amarillo, Texas, USA

Morning folks, and it looks like things are going to get pretty interesting out here on the road over the next couple of days, courtesy of ‘Winterstorm Cleon’, which is working its snowy and icy way down from Canada, through Colorado, and towards New Mexico. We caught the sleety sting in the tail of Winterstorm Boreas down in Dallas last week, and I’ve got one more clear day today – so it’s west – and into New Mexico, the ‘Land Of Enchantment’. Between Amarillo and Alburquerque, there’s a stretch of ‘high desert’ around Clines Corner, and they’ve got snow forecast for tomorrow and Thursday. We want to miss that! On the other side of Alburquerque – into Arizona – is another stretch of high desert. They’re also expecting snow through Thursday. So my plan is to ‘thread the snow needle’, and head to Alburquerque today, and spend Wednesday in a cantina somewhere sampling the local Hatch chilli driven dishes, and pairing them with various styles of tequila. Then across to Holbrook, Arizona – a night in the Tee Pee Motel, then the next snow and icy possibility – Flagstaff and the mountains around the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. If I can sneak through there without too much drama, it will be on and up to Las Vegas. That’s the plan! Hopefully Winterstorm Cleon is a country music fan too, and I’ll get to Vegas without too much snow on the road.

So it’s “see ya later Texas” and I’ll be back when it’s New Mexico.

PS I’ll be on Route 66 all day today, westward from Amarillo to Alburquerque.



2 responses to “Keeping an eye on Winterstorm Cleon!

  1. Dreamin’ dreams of amarillo … drive safely x

  2. Oh gosh, please don’t start using this ridiculous weather channel storm calling.
    Please don’t do it.

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