The Breakfast Rave pops up in Lyndoch

10.13am, Sunday 7th April, Murray Street, Angaston, The Barossa, SA, Australia

Morning folks, and it’s a sensationally sunny day out there to finish off what’s been a massive Barossa Vintage Festival week. So where would you want to be on such a magic morning? At the pop up Breakfast Rave of course……… amongst the peppercorn trees and palms down there on the red dirt at Charles Cimicky wines, southern end of the Barossa, Lyndoch. This is a seriously excellent community event – thanks very much Cherie Hausler for starting the whole thing – that shows exactly what can be achieved when you do things simply because you can……and should. So here’s how it works. The pop up location and date is broadcast on The Breakfast Rave Facebook page, the Rave team organises the menu, the cooks, and then the ‘friends’ of the Rave do the rest. Word of mouth gets the event out there, and people just turn up for breakfast.


Definitely found the right place. It’s going to be a top turnout – daylight savings time change and all. This is looking both ways from Cimickys front gate





Everything on the day is about non profit and sharing, and this is how the ‘giveaway’ table started. Folks with green thumbs potted up herbs and succulents, and you just helped yourself. Now it’s become the ‘trading table’, and whatever extra ripe fruit, herbs, plants that people have got – ends up on the table, and you just help yourself! I know……it’s very old school, good karma, and just downright neighbourly! Remember that? I couldn’t help myself – grabbed one of the figs, still cold from last nights chill, and ate it on my way down to order breakfast.





When I arrived at 8.30am, there was already a fair crowd parked on benches, blankets, and milk crates, and local olive oil producer and balladeer Johhny was knocking out a better than average acoustic version of Lou Reeds Sattelite of Love. Don’t you love it when you can actually hear the words! It’s going to be a great day.




Follow the crowd down to the kitchen and coffee bar set up under the huge old peppercorn trees, then make your choice. Rosti or Beans, blackstrap treacle cookie or choc muffin, Sumatran or Byron Bay coffee….







And local heroes Barossa Coffee Roasters – not supposed to play favourites but gee they’re good! – were in full flight. It’s always a good option to use a winery for the Breakfast Rave site, as they’ve always got a solid supply of three phase power, and decent water pressure – all really helpful when two coffee machines are both flat out. Here’s Paul & Pete keeping the caffeine flowing.



Check out the new ceramic cups on top of Petes machine – made especially for the Rave. You use them, and leave them in the crate afterwards to be washed, packed, and used at the next Rave. There’s also the bio degradable take away cups, but everything is geared to RE cycled, reusable, low impact, sustainable, minimal rubbish……and it works.



Oh, nearly forgot. I went with the Rosti, egg and avocado relish….


Also new at today’s Rave was local artisan Susanna Brown with her Really Useful Pots, and her ‘how to make a seed bomb’ sessions. Good way to get the place greener, should we actually get any breaking rains this season!





So keep an eye on The Breakfast Rave Facebook page for the date and location of the next pop up event, and do yourself a major good morning favour and go along. It’s a really nice thing. Oh….and watch out for those peppercorn trees in flower around the place, the bees love em right now!




Thanks very much to the Rave crew and Charles Cimicky – see you next time!

3 responses to “The Breakfast Rave pops up in Lyndoch

  1. Awesome coverage there Baroness…was good to catch up, be in touch soon!

    • yalumbastories

      Thanks Pete, top way to finish the Vintage Festival, and good luck with finishing off your vintage at Veritas.

      • I wholeheartedly agree, and it couldn’t have been a better morning for it. Hopefully another Rave will pop up in the near future…I love spending the morning in front of the coffee machine! Still a little way off finishing haha; tiny bit more EV Shiraz & some Montepulciano to go – and I’m back to the big shed for next year anyway!

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