Back into London….and it’s snowing

12.53pm, Saturday 23rd March, St Thomas Street SE1, London, England

You have to love the daily weather reports in this town – “continuing cloudy, windy and cold with the rain occasionally turning to sleet and snow”. Much the same tomorrow I believe……and with any luck, throw a few clear patches into those snow flurries there and you’ll have Monday. Thats when I’m scheduled to be on a big Emirates bird, taking off from Heathrow on the first 13 hour leg of the run back to the Barossa. To be honest, I’m right into the ‘layers on layers off’ winter thing over here now, and would be more than happy to stay on! Most of the folks that live here are thoroughly sick and tired of the weather, and I’m loving it. So much water, flaming logs and coals in pub fireplaces till closing, tanks of hot home made soup left right and centre, and really it’s just when there’s too much snow and everything grinds to a halt that it gets a bit dramatic.

Any rate – it’s been a very welcome change to the heat wave season back at home. But back to the Barossa it is come Monday, a short week at the winery for me, and then from Easter Monday we’re into the Barossa Valley Vintage Festival.

For today, most of my wine mates are off to Germany for Prowein. Me – I’m catching up all my reports and going out to see one of the greatest actors that’s ever worked the boards and screen – Judy Dench. She’s on at the Noel Coward Theatre this evening with young Ben Whishaw in “Peter and Alice”, so should be top notch. One more wine event tomorrow, and that’s it for me this trip – and it will be back into short sleeves for a couple of months.

I did sneak out this morning into the sleet and snow because Westminster is three stops away on the Jubilee Line, so I went and did a couple of touristy hours before the crowds got too heavy. So much stone, so much history – you can never spend too much time tracking it all down.




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