Where did that week go? Wales for starters!

8.34am, Monday 18th March, St Helen’s Square, the mighty Roman city of York, England, UK

Morning folks, welcome to what a really long, drawn out winter is! It snowed again last night here in York, but it’s all been reduced to freezing slush by a very steady cold rain. Here we are in week 5 of this 5 week job, and so far so great! I’m pumping Lemsip cold and flu capsules into myself daily and doing the hot drinks at night, and I’m holding the vicious bugs at bay for the moment……fingers crossed one more week and all will be good. We’ve got tickets to see the fabulous Helen Mirren on stage in London on Friday night, and you’re not allowed to cough and sniffle all the way through the play!

So last time I put up the blog, we were down on the A 23 south of London in all that blizzardy mess that bought things to an absolute standstill for a couple of days, and had to abandon our masterclass with Hennings Chichester last Tuesday night. Well, good news. I’ve just returned the rental car that I’ve been driving – very carefully – through the elements up here in the Grim North (love it to bits!) to the York railway station, and now I’m waiting for the Post Office to open. Why? Because I wrote to everyone that was registered for the masterclass to apologise and let them know that they will at least have a bottle of our 2010 Scribbler Cabernet Shiraz to keep those winter chills at bay – with our compliments – and that our man in London – Chris Unger – will do the tasting on May 8th. And when we’re back in England come March 2014, Hennings Chichester – thanks very much for being so good to work with on all of this Karl – will be on the top of my list for a special Yalumba masterclass.

Now, what on earth happened to the rest of the week? Well, we went to Wales – Cardiff and Swansea – and we went to Hampshire – Emsworth, Liphook, Grayshott, and Haslemere. Lets just have a look.

Started at Waterloo railway station in London – here’s the lady in stone above the money exchange – I bet she’s seen some crazy commuter sights over the last hundred odd years.


Got to Teddington, out near Twickenham south ish from London, and jumped into the car with my colleague from Negociants UK – Emma Crowther – they look after our interests day to day here in the United Kingdom – and we were off on a 3 day south western regions road trip.

First stop – Cardiff, in Wales – where we are extremely well promoted to all and sundry by ND John Wine Merchants. yes, we’re in very very good hands down there – the ND John in question is a bloke who is channelling all the good Welsh “yes Im easily as dangerous as Tom Jones” stuff!! that would be Nick John. Local legend. And not forgetting the gals who make the machinery all work – that would be Nicola and Deb. Thanks gals!

So welcome to one of the more impressive buildings in Cardiff – The Park House Hotel – apparently designed by the same chap who drafted up the plans for Cardiff Castle. We did a staff training masterclass for the whole team – a tremendous session actually, to launch the Yalumba Pages on the wine list at Park House. Sometimes you get a really good and solid feeling about a place and the people in it, and I suspect that The Park House is going to be a serious Yalumba fortress in Wales – and we’re already plotting and scheming some special events for the next 12 months! Thanks to the PHP – that’s Park House People – top crew, top food…..and good things down the track!

a Yalumba fortress in W



OK folks, hold that Wales thought, it’s just ticked past 9am and I’m off to the Post Office. Be back in a bit. Next we go to Swansea.

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