Eastbourne, East Sussex – snowing at the beach!

1.55pm, Monday 11th March, Grand Parade, Eastbourne, East Sussex, England

Afternoon, folks, it’s been a snowy drive south from London today, and we’re on the Grand Parade at Eastbourne, in the ballroom of the Cavendish Hotel, running a tasting table as part of the complete portfolio feature for the local trade – by our distributor in this part of the world HT White.

This is the beach, folks. There’s a sizeable blizzard driven swell out there, and the white stuff most definitely is snow! We’re due for 5-10 cm more of the flaky stuff overnight, so it could be an interesting day tomorrow with the four store staff training sessions planned across the county.



Don’t worry about the overnight snowfall making 5cm, we’re already there now! This is looking toward the Eastbourne Pier from my first floor window – the tide is out, there’s snow down to the tideline, and now the arctic wind is blowing more snow in horizontally!


10.36 pm It’s still snowing out there, we’ve just finished our tasting, and it sounds like roads are closed left, right, and centre right across the south east of England. We’ll have to see what Ma Nature does tomorrow morning to see if we still trek across Sussex and do our four Hennings Wine Merchants staff training sessions in Goring , Pullborough, Petworth and Chichester. We’ve got a consumer masterclass planned for tomorrow evening in Chichester, so again – it’s all in the lap of the gods. See ya when it’s Tuesday and we become intrepid arctic cross country explorers, or I end up on a train back to London


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