City of London history day

10.16am, Sunday 10th March, Cheapside, behind St Paul’s Cathedral, Central London, England

Morning folks, and it’s back to the winter weather – it’s an eye watering 2 degrees C outside and there’s every chance it will snow later today or tomorrow, where our expected top temperature will be 1. Yes, that’s 1 degree C.

But for now, it’s clear, cold, and I have the day to completely get lost in local history at The Museum of London. They have a special exhibit on at the minute – ‘Doctors, Dissection and Ressurrection Men’ – about the trade in ‘fresh’ bodies during the 1800s and the advancement of medicine and surgery that came from it. And that’s just for starters.

So here’s looking down Ludgate Hill from ‘the city’ toward St Paul’s. I’m basically right behind the cathedral, perched at a bench in a nice warm Cafe Nero (thanks for the free wi if) having a yoghurt muesli pt for breakfast, about to put two more layers plus the new Black Watch scarf and the Thinsulate woollen gloves on – for the stroll up St Martin Le Grand (that’s a street) to the Museum – which sits on the foundations of the old London Wall.

See ya when it’s later on and – I hope – not snowing.


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