North to Tartan Town – that’s Edinburgh, Scotland

9.55am, Wednesday 6th March, London Bridge Road, SE1, London, England, UK

Morning folks, and we are trekking north today to Edinburgh, Scotland. Just getting there is going to be a new experience, because in the quest to travel in the most efficient manner possible, and because taxis are horrendously expensive – here’s the plan.

Drag the bag from the hotel to the London Bridge underground Tube station. Use the Oyster card. For those folks not living in England, you load money on to your Oyster card and it gives you travel on the Underground and bus network right across Greater London. The charge varies according to how many ‘sections’ you cover – and a section costs more the further out of town you go. So with about 12 pounds on our card, we can get from London Bridge to Canning Town on the Jubilee Line, then change at Canning Town on to the Dockland Light Railway, which will take us out to London City airport. Then it’s British Airways – because we should – up to Tartan Town = Edinburgh – staying at the Dunstane House Hotel. Quick change, pick up the parcel of wines delivered to the hotel, and across to Thistle Street to Bon Vivant to have a tasting with share plates with local journo Brian Elliot.

Yep … we can do that.

I’m now going to introduce you to my travelling companion on this job – one of my favourite blokes from the telly – Matthew Crawley from the smash hit “Downton Abbey”. I was given the ‘cut out and keep’ soldier Matthew before I left the winery, and he’s been a bit of a good luck charm this trip. So with the Oyster card on board and one bag packed down for the three day trip to Scotland, one bag left at the London hotel … we’re off. See ya when we’re up north and it’s a lot colder – they’re expecting 6 – 8 degree C maximums this week.

PS for Christine and the other folks interested in the theatre – if they’ve got free wi fi at City airport, I’ll give you a quick rundown on “The Bodyguard” at The Adelphi, and “Our Country’s Good” at the St James.


OK, made it to the airport, and seen a lot of Tate and Lyle sugar factories on the way, but we’re checked in. This is just in case anyone is looking at this sort of job as a career – just want to balance up the glamorous bits.


But I do love the designers that understand the need to look after your knees!


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