Heat wave in London – 12C later today!

10.15am, Tuesday 5th March, Tooley Street, SE1, London, England, UK

Morning folks, just a quick note for now before I’m off to Victoria Station to catch up with our bloke about London – Chris Unger. We’re out and about the outer neighbourhoods of London for most of the day, finishing with a staff training session with our Westminster fortress restaurant – The Cinnamon Club. It’s an absolutely gorgeous day out there today – a brisk 6 C right now, but warming up to 13 C according to the weatherman. That means only 3 layers for me, and the scarf and woollen gloves can stay in the backpack until tonight. They won’t get put away completely, as we’re off to Scotland tomorrow, and it’s still seriously winter up that way.

This is us yesterday lunch time at our Holborn business heart of London fortress wine store Planet of the Grapes. And that’s fabulous homemade spaghetti meatballs and sausage risotto in those take away containers from Johnnys Italian caff across the – very dangerous double decker buses doing U turns – pedestrian crossing. And that’s an empty Cherry Ripe minis (fully imported from Australia) packet that we used to illustrate the coconut + cherry + dark chocolate characters in the new release 2008 The Signature Cabernet Shiraz. Thanks boys – they do tastings in the cellar under the store in Holborn, and at their Bow Lane place – drop in and ask them 20 Australian wine questions. They’re the boys that know!


See ya when it’s later on and sunny!

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