Exploring my neighbourhood – SE1 – London Borough of Southwark

9.13am, Saturday 2nd March, Bermondsey Road, SE1, Southwark, London, England

Breakfast folks, we need ‘dippy eggs’ this morning, and I’ve gone exploring in my London Bridge neighbourhood. This is where I’ve ended up – The Garrison Public House, on Bermondsey Road SE1. The breakfast must be good, because when I’ve wandered in just after opening at 9am, all the tables are reserved, and the only spots left are at the high benches. As soon as you walk in though, The Garrison is one of those places that gives you a big hug, plonks you into seat, and then really looks after you. And after a massive first week of our Yalumba Roadshow on the streets of London…..this is exactly what we need.


Have a look for yourself – mix’n’match tables and chairs, light fittings, classic old pub ceramic tiles….just right



So I’ve gone for the ‘dippy eggs’ but with The Works – grilled tomatoes that the boys topped with Parmesan for me, and crispy Orkney bacon. And do you think my toast soldiers look just a touch like the map of Australia?


And it has been a massive week out there in wine selling land – but we have definitely made some serious strides in the chase for the hearts and palates of restaurant and wine store folks, plus that most important group of wine lovers – the consumers. We’ve done dinners, staff training, master classes, food and wine pairing sessions, and along the way we’ve opened a lot of bottles in some very very interesting corners of ‘Greater London’. We’ve tramped through tube stations – and did ‘mind the gap’ over and over – caught overground trains, ridden the buses, and grabbed cabs in the rain or after the last trains have left. We’ve felt like pinballs bounced about in a big machine – this is London man…..and it’s a commuter warzone! You should see the chunks taken out of my knuckles and forearms courtesy of the buckles on trendy satchels, computer bags, shopping parcels, builders and their tools hopping building sites, and urban assualt vehichles disguised as baby prams – as folks have ploughed on regardless! I kid you not, folks are tough on the public transit in this town.

But today it’s Saturday, I’ve had a dippy egg start, have some housekeeping chores to be done in the hotel room, and a big ‘to do’ list from all of our visits and events this week – all good things!! Then tonight, it’s off to the theatre for me – the sleeper hit of the season apparently. It’s called ‘Our Country’s Good’ set in early penal colony Australian days, based on ‘The Playmaker’ by Thomas Keneally. Rough story – a group of convicts put on a play under the direction of a young English officer. No real ‘name’ actors in the cast, but solid theatre credentials so theres every chance we could be seeing some stars of the future ……will let you know tomorrow.

Until then, see ya from SE 1


2 responses to “Exploring my neighbourhood – SE1 – London Borough of Southwark

  1. Robert Wyndham hill-smith

    Jane lunched with Thomas Keneally today at the MUD Club , and he was truly fantastic in a Q&A..great brain great larrikan Australian. Hope the play was fantastic as well.

    • yalumbastories

      Too spooky! The play was tops – an ensemble cast with no ‘name’ actors (yet – definitely some stars of the future) so it was the story that got you. This production of “Our Country’s Good” has toured the bigger cities outside London, has had full houses at the St James Theatre near Victoria (next to The Phoenix pub) in London – currently on extended dates – and the rumour is its going to shift into the West End. So definitely a bit of a sleeper hit! **my intro to Thomas Keneally was the old BBC Radio 4 program Desert Island Discs – his interview was a gem!

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