Central London today – Fleet Street

6.55pm, Wednesday 27th February, The Strand, Central London, England, United Kingdom

Evening, folks, just having another soup and sandwich dinner at the Pret A Manger one door up from the Adelphi Theatre on The Strand. Yep, that would be just a couple of blocks back from Trafalgar Square – I’m right in the middle of the Monopoly Board tonight. We did a very extensive tasting of our Rare & Fine wines today – several vintages of Virgilius, Signature, Octavius and Menzies – all with the little brothers and sisters of Eden Valley Viognier, The Scribbler, Patchwork and The Cigar alongside. We had a pretty stellar brigade of London sommeliers along and won some hearts and palates, so a very good day’s work right there. It continues tomorrow morning as we do staff training at the new Gordon Ramsay spot Bread Street Kitchen, which is in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Oh, lost track of time, I have the night off, there are tickets left for “The Bodyguard” tonight – Lloyd Owen (played Archie’s English brother in “Monarch of the Glen)” is playing the Kevin Costner role from the movie. Missed him last trip to London when he got top reviews in “Blood and Gifts” so I’m going to grab this opportunity. Curtain up next door at the Adelphi in 25 minutes. Gotta Go!





One response to “Central London today – Fleet Street

  1. Tell us about the show you saw at the Adelphi, Jane. I went to a show at the same theatre more than 30 years ago – “Irene” with a very young Julie Anthony.

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