On the south and west edges of London

00.18am, Wednesday 27th February, London Bridge Hotel, SE1, London, England

Very late night folks or very early morning. The bells of Southwark Cathedral at the end of the road were just chiming midnight as I walked back up to the hotel after being dropped off after our dinner at Ransome’s Dock back up the Thames at Battersea finished much later than expected. The tube only runs until midnight, so I had the luxury of a cab home after running the gauntlet of the Jubilee line (tube for those of you not from London) and the DLR (Docklands Light Rail) linking with Southwest trains out to Putney this morning and out to Battersea this evening. I feel like a genuine public transit local already, after only a few days back in town.

So here’s a quick look at our teriffic day to the south and south west of Central London in pics – I’ll add the words later on today.

First up, on the ‘staff picks’ list at Trina’s wine shop in Putney, have a look at the bottle second from the right, it’s the 2010 Yalumba The Cigar – “Dark berry, plum and cassis fruit. Smooth and deep” they’re in Puney, two doors up from the bakery with home made sausage rolls for only 1 pound! Who says dining out in London is expensive.







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