On the streets of Central London…..

7.10pm, Monday 25th February, Cork & Bottle Wine Bar, Leicester Square, London, England

Evening folks, and yes, the ice is still dropping out of the air outside. We’ve been out and about all day catching up with folks who have us on their lists – and some folks who are doing stunning things that we’d very much like to get involved with. In about 20 minutes I’m going to be off and running with the stories behind tonight’s featured wines – Jansz NV, Eden Valley Viognier, Virgilius, The Cigar Cabernet, The Menzies Cabernet, The Scribbler Cab Shiraz, The Signature Cab Shiraz, and the Antique Tawny fortified.

So here’s a quick look at where we went:

Started by making it in one piece to Notting Hill Gate on the morning rush tube……Hugh Grant where are you??


Around the corner in Notting Hill to Bill Granger’s little piece of laid back Australian comfort food ‘Granger & Co’. I chose the St John sourdough toast, proper butter and home made peanut paste for breakfast.



Onto the bus and across town to Queens Park, into the Salisbury wine shop, alongside the Salisbury pub. Very nice boys!


Into a dodgy mini cab, and further across town to Medlar, on the Kings Road on the edge of Chelsea. Congratulations on the recent first Michelin star, and thanks for having our Pewsey Vale Contours and Y Series Viognier on the list. We had a two course fixed lunch – I chose the soup – curry oil chanterelle mushrooms and crisp parsnip – and the grapefruit sorbet with candied peel and freshly baked Madelaines. Very very smart.




Just a bit further along the Kings Road, have a look at this little piece of Louisiana parked in Chelsea. American style Bar B Q ribs and crabshack cuisine…….and Y series Pinot Grigio……by the glass thanks very much.


And now, we’re in the Cork and Bottle wine bar, in a vaulted storage tunnel underneath Leicester Square, about to get underway with our ‘Everything you always wanted to know about Yalumba’ dinner. See you when it’s much much later on……..

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