Dublin – the girl is back in town

6.04am, Monday 18th February, Park House Hotel, Galway, County Galway, ‘The West’, Ireland

Morning folks, I lost a day in there somewhere, and just wanted to give you a look at what early morning Dublin looked like yesterday around 7am, just off Grafton Street in Harry Street. It was only me and a couple of tourists out early and a few worse for wear locals straggling home as the Bruxxelles pub (est 1886) was being opened. This is one of Dublins famous music hotspots – known for breaking young bands back in the 1970s and 80s – and according to local folklore, the Bruxxelles along with O’Donohues pub were favourite watering holes for Thin Lizzy fronted by the tall lean streak of bass player rock god….Phil Lynott. Imagine just for a moment that its 1983, you’ve been at the Bruxxelles all night for the late show, Thin Lizzy are packing up after a scorcher of a set, you’ve got nothing but a scratchy shell of a voice left after standing for hours in the cigarette smoke stuffed pub and screaming the words to “The boys are back in town” and “Whiskey in the jar” along with the band……….

That’s a rock’n’roll dream right there folks. But this was one of those spots.


One response to “Dublin – the girl is back in town

  1. great prose and I am jealous !

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