In Transit – Dubai

5.36am, Saturday 16th feb, Dubai International Airport,Dubai, UNited Arab Emirates

Morning folks, I’m trekking through the Dubai airport in search of Gate B2, where the next big Emirates Boeing 777(I do love that aeroplane) is taking me through to Dublin. I just came up on the long direct hop from Adelaide – my first time on Emirates – and I was lucky enough to clear immigration with the Captain (4 stripes on the sleeve!) and the First Officer. Wow! Our man at the helm was a tall Daniel Craig lookalike, with the cut glass English accent to go with it, and after the landing he just pulled off here in Dubai – very soft hands! What a great omen as we start this 6 week block of Yalumba events across Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

Only down side? My knee replacement. It has a habit of setting the security alarm off EVERY time, so I was introduced to the Security screening room. Actually – no drama at all – very courteous and not like the grouchy old dragon I encountered in the same situation up in Scotland last trip. Thanks Emirates, thanks Dubai…..will buy my body weight in those spectacular local dates on my way back!

See ya when it’s Dublin…..and much much colder


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  1. travel safe

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