2013 Superbowl Tomorrow : Go Ravens!

2.51pm, Saturday 2nd Feb, Angaston, Barossa Valley, Australia

Afternoon Sportsfans . It’s around midnight in New Orleans as I write this – host city for the biggest football game in America this year – the end of season Superbowl! I feel fairly confident in saying that right now in that town, it will be jam packed – shoulder to shoulder everywhere from Bourbon to Frenchmans Street, every entertainment geared nook and cranny in the French Quarter actually. I suspect it will be a complete non stop street party for at least the next 72 hours – especially for the fans of the team that gets up…..for either the San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens. I’m between a rock and a hard place with this game, as the Bay City has been extremely good to me over the last 5 or 6 years, as a great base for the time I’ve spent on the West Coast building the Yalumba profile alongside our distributor folk……..but its Baltimore that’s won my heart. Made from very solid blue collar stuff, Baltimore is a magnificent sports town…….and the crab cakes cannot be beaten! I threw my lot in with the Ravens fans several years ago, and how can you not support a team with a quarterback called Joe Flacco! After much disappointment last year when dismissed one game from the big one, it’s magic to see the Ravens make Superbowl Sunday.

We won’t see the game until Monday morning our local time, but we die hard fans will be wearing the black and purple, with fingers and toes crossed! Oh, and I put a small wager on the boys back in April at the start of the season at our local Angaston pub The Brauhaus. Their machine let’s you bet on the American NFL – don’t think the locals have used that option apart from my bet – but here we go!



To all our mates in Baltimore and across Maryland – especially super fan Bruce Gearhart you know who you are, and our gal who looks after Yalumba throughout that arena – Danielle Winkler……all the very best and may every force be with you!! Go Ravens!!

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