Australia Day 2013 with Coffee and ‘Shakespeare in the Vines’

5.14pm, Saturday 26th January, The Lawn, Old Dining Hall, Sppeltsfield Winery, Barossa West, South Australia

OK folks, here we are set up with Barossa Coffee Roasters at Shakespeare in the Vines. It’s still a bit warm out there in the sun, but the breeze is already cool, and I will bet money that in about an hour, the wind will drop completely, and we’ll have a superb evening on our hands. It’s a long long way from snowy London, and the Globe Theatre tucked into a corner of the south bank of the Thames, but it’s ‘Twelfth Night’ and it’s all happening in the Barossa.

Here’s the lawn an hour and a half ago when we set up the coffee machine, and switched it on to get hot and frothy.


We’re underway, and the crowd is building – it’s a sellout at 400 people – and because it’s Australia Day, we’ve got Australian coffee in the machine. It’s the Single Estate “Green Cauldron Byron Bay”




OK let me tell you a bit about this Green Cauldron coffee, grown in the hinterland near Byron Bay. This is the most southern spot in the world that coffee is grown commercially. It’s just the weird crossover of mountain and moisture that makes this microclimate work, and as it comes off the machine, it absolutely smells like the thick glossy centre of your favorite dark chocolate truffles.Paul – who is Barossa Coffee Roasters – put some milky froth on top of a healthy shot of the coffee – no sugar – let it cool and had me taste it. No word of a lie, it’s ‘Cafe Au Lait’ vanilla laced lovely stuff! Try and find these folks… the Barossa Farmers Market on Saturday morning, at Pure Espresso in Glenelg, the Maggie Beer Farm Shop between Nuriootpa and Seppeltsfield, Hentley Farm, Appelation Restaurant, Charlie Melton’s cellar door, and……in the coffee machine (not the full on whiz bang commercial number) at the Yalumba winery staff cafe ‘Scribblers’.

6.38pm. Curtain Up!


8.11pm The interval coffee rush is over, and Act II is underway!



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