Made it to Parkes

9.57pm, Wednesday 9th January, Oasis Motel, Newell Highway, Peak Hill, New South Wales, Australia

Evening folks, it’s been a long day on the road, but we’re here! Lucky enough to score a room in Peak Hill – the town that time decided to detour around … in a nice way – about 45 km north of Parkes, which will be ground zero for hordes of birthday partying Elvis fans for the next four days. Every square foot of accommodation – motels, hotels, caravan parks, tent sites, back sheds – in Parkes and the surrounding towns, is booked up 12 months in advance – so we really were lucky! Here’s how the day unfolded …

This is why they call it the Hay Plain! This is just east of Balranald, which is more or less the western edge of the Plain.


Then another 200 km east, the other side of Hay, which is in the middle of the Plain … very arty shot! Actually, I was lazy, pulled over, and didn’t even have to undo the seat belt!


Staying hydrated on a long roadtrip is important, but all that fluid has to go somewhere, and there’s about 250 km of not much at all before you get to West Wyalong. Thank goodness for the old ghost town of Gunbar!



Then about 60 km south of West Wyalong, we start to hit the smoke clouds from yesterday’s bush fires around Wagga Wagga, plus a new fire front about 5 miles east of the highway. Thank goodness it’s 34 degrees C today, not 44! And tomorrow is 27, at least some relief for firefighters and the folks in all those affected areas.


Then into West Wyalong itself, and an Australian classic! The butter cream iced Finger Bun from the Round About Bakery in the main street. Buttered of course. It’s not a Roadtrip without Roadfood!


Finally, it’s Parkes … here’s a quick look at the main street, and the first Elvis tribute artist we run into on the way to pick up the must have program for the week. It’s Sam Luvara, he’s from Victoria, and he’s ‘Number 6’, if you want to vote for him in the ‘Best Elvis Busker’ Award!






As you can see, the theme is “Aloha From Hawaii” this year. See ya tomorrow when we’ve been to some events, and we check out where Yalumba is on the shelves and wine lists up this way

2 responses to “Made it to Parkes

  1. Just wondering if you were going to be coming up to Yorkeys Knob Boating Club anytime this year?? Yes it’s Amanda Stuart. I was restaurant supervisor last time you were there. And I have since moved on from there. But am really keen to be a customer of one of your evenings. Just wondering if you knew of anything. PS I love reading your diary entries. Catch you one day soon up this way I hope. Regards Manda.x

    • Hi Amanda – it looks like Yorkeys Knob Motor Boat club is visiting us first! I go to Ireland and England for 6 weeks until the 26th March, and get home the week before Easter. Stuart and a group of 6 people from Yorkeys start with us at 8.30am for a Barossan breakfast ‘in the shed on the following Tuesday – the first day of the Harvest Market At Yalumba – because it’s Barossa Valley Vintage Festival time. We’re doing a tasting in the vineyard and some other fun stuff…..I think they’ll probably want to cash in their return air tickets by the time we’re finished! I’m not sure what events I’ll be doing in Far North Queensland in 2013, but as soon as they’re organized, I promise to put them up on the blog. So thanks for sticking with us, such good luck for the New Year, and I will see you when it’s tropical and north of Cairns! Cheers!

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