On the Crayfish Coast

10.56am, Thursday 27th December, Pondalowie Bay, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Morning folks, just a quick catch up before we put the boat in the water again. We’re making the best of a few days off before the New Year starts, and based right down at Pondalowie Bay, on the ‘toe’ of the Yorke Peninsula, which is the bit that looks more or less like Italy, sticking out from Adelaide – capital of South Australia.


This is ‘Pondy’ looking out to the heads – it’s an old crayfishing bay that’s one of the few sheltered spots on what has been called ‘the shipwreck coast’ for the last 150 years. The combination of unpredictable weather, jagged cliff faces and reefs have claimed both sailing and steam ships from Port Victoria on the west coast of the Yorke Peninsula right around to Edithburgh on the east coast. So why are we out there? Because when the weather co operates, the deepwater fishing is magnificent – sweep, nanygai, snapper, the odd bluefin tuna, mackerel…….and a mate has an amateur license for two crayfish pots! Here’s the catch from yesterday – one 2kg and the other 1.6. The crays before going into the pot, then into the cold water bath straight after. Why the bath? Because it pulls the meat away from the shell slightly, making it all that much easier to get to!




OK…..off now, and let’s hope that the cloud coming over disappears and the wind that’s strengthening….drops away. Cross your fingers it ends up looking like this……yesterday!


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