What is MedSTAR?

10.35am, Thursday 21st December, The Clocktower, Yalumba, Angaston, Barossa Valley, SA

Morning folks, let me share yesterday’s event in Adelaide with you – my last ‘off the winery site’ job for 2012. I went to the Adelaide Airport – a trip that my trusty Hi Lux ute can do blindfolded – but I wasn’t booked to fly. I was scheduled as part of the Clinical Governance day at the operational base hangar for MedSTAR. What is MedSTAR? It’s a 24 hour “emergency medical retrieval team” of doctors, nurses, paramedics and helicopter pilots that was launched here in South Australia in 2009. They also have – from February 2010 – a specialist section called MedSTAR Kids which is a 24 hour emergency service that looks after everything from pregnant mums in trouble to youngsters of all shapes and sizes up to 16 years old. These folks are the real deal! They talk quite calmly about how long you’re likely to survive in the waters of St Vincent Gulf if you fall out of your boat – depending on the water temperature at that time of the year – and you just get the distinct impression that if you’re ever in dire trouble……..these are the people you want on the way to get you out!

So we finished a very serious day program – things like “Comparison of non-invasive and invasive blood pressure in aeromedical care” – with a “Why I work where I work” discussion on being part of something special…….in this case our 163 consecutive years of Family owned wine growing at Yalumba. For mine, it paralleled quite nicely with MedSTAR…..definitely something very very special. Now please don’t take offense MedSTAR, I really enjoyed spending the day with you, but I very much hope that I’m not in a situation where I get to meet the team when they’re “on the job”! But we do hope that we see some of the team for a social visit to Yalumba next year.

So thanks Doc Andrew for the opportunity to see what MedSTAR does, and to share our story with the team. All the best for your Christmas Party this weekend, I hope that Santa makes a stop at your hangar next week, and that the New Year treats you all really well.



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