Off to Hobbit-ville today

10.15am, Monday 26th November, Gate 12, Adelaide Airport, South Australia

Morning folks, sorry I’ve been off the air for a week or so…..I tend to go into hibernation as soon as I get home after a solid trip away…..but I’m back at the airport, boarding pass in hand, and off to Auckland in New Zealand. I am expecting the full Middle Earth welcoming committee, as the Land of The Long White Cloud gets set to release the new Peter Jackson ‘Hobbit’ movie on Boxing Day. Even the Air New Zealand safety video at the start of your flight is stacked with long pixie eared, barefoot and robe clad characters!!

So wish us luck as we go across the Tasman Sea to talk wine…..and sustainable business…..on the North Island.

See ya when we’re in Auckland…….Perky Nana candy bars, Hokey Pokey ice cream full of honeycomb chips, sweet potatoes are called kumera and made into chips, Richie McCaw in his rugby shorts with thighs like tree trunks, many good reasons to go!


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