It’s Election Night in America

10.13pm, Tuesday 6th November, Highway 69, Beaumont, The Gulf Coast, Texas, USA

Evening folks, just said goodbye to Loosiana – for now – in Lake Charles, and came back across the Texas state line, and landed in Beaumont for the night. It’s Election Night here in America, and most of the TV channels are facts and figures crazy… states, blue states, swing states, battleground states – by the end of it, I reckon I’ll be quite the instant expert! So it’s a good excuse to make it an early night. Tomorrows plan is to explore the Gulf Coast a bit….and I have to go to the Cowboy Harley dealer to get Mick Cogan’s promised shirt…so one more day ‘at large’ before back to work Thursday night.

Oh…..I forgot the last couple of days….today is bought to you by Zapps Voodoo flavor – think tomato, paprika, vinegar, and something just a touch twangy.


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