We in Acadiana now

8.50am, Monday 5th November, Washington Street, Breaux Bridge, St Martins Parish, LA, USA

Morning folks, and we’re fogged in a bit at the moment, But it’s nice and cool – well shirtsleeves anyway – so we’ll see what this afternoon brings. Hopefully the rain will hold off and the swamp tour will still be on…..although the gators will probably hide out if it’s not warm. Never mind, I heard a rumor that our Bayou King swamp guide makes a seriously good moonshine, and can be coerced into the odd tasting! So it might not be a lost cause after all!

So, breakfast is out of the way, and I’m off to Henderson in the daylight to have a look at the fishing village we went through last night on the way to the Whiskey River Dance Hall. Oh and with respect to breakfast, I had all the best sultana bran intentions, then I went past Meche’s Donut King and couldn’t resist the smell. I went with less icing though, and chose the glazed and filled option. Choc custard on the right and lemon on the left. But lemon’s a fruit right…..so that one doesn’t count!

See ya when we’ve been in the swamp…..with any luck.


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