Creole Sugar Cane Empires

7.52am, Friday 2nd November, St Ann Street, French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana

Morning folks, and we’re fogged in completely but still expecting 29C – so warm and sticky will be the order of the day. Glad I did my touring around the Plantation Dustrict 50 miles up the Mississippi River yesterday …….I had a beautiful clear day with a proper river breeze and it was all fairly pleasant….out of the direct sunlight! Even in this mild seasonal moment, it’s horrifying to think of the conditions a hundred years ago out in the sugar cane fields on a normal working day. No air con, no refrigerator, hammocks slung outside so you can sleep 7 months of the year, and mosquitoes the size of small model airplanes!! Very tough. But that’s what built much of Louisiana, and the string of restored and maintained working sugar plantation properties along The Great River Road just scratch the surface and give you a glimpse of what life was like – a whole different Creole, French, English, Americain kind of”Upstairs – Downstairs” world. The photos are from “Laura” the only Sugar Plantation ran by 4 generations of Creole women – quite the rarity back in that time. It was originally established as the Guilluiame Du Parc Plantation, or “l’habitation Duparc’.

So with. The dismal day out there – good thing I’m going on a mini bus tour this morning of all the filming sites in New Orleans…..Easy Rider, King Creole…..all good

And before I go, today is bought to you by Zapps Cajun Dill Gator Tators





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