What is a kolache?

9.52pm, Tuesday 23rd October, Texas Avenue, Houston, Texas, USA

Evening folks, we did the Yalumba launch to our new distributors Domaines Estates in Austin this morning, staying on for a trade lunch at the fabulous “Swifts Attic” in the Warehouse District before driving across to Houston. So with two BIG days in the capital of the Lone Star state behind us, we’ll be doing much the same with the Houston branch of Domaines tomorrow. But my eyes are closing on their own, so tomorrow morning I’m going to give you a rundown on two “Aladdins Caves” of food and wine done very very well. I promise!

But for now, from our short road trip today, the question is: “What is a kolache?” We stopped for fuel on the way at the town of La Grange. Yep, that would be the same town that is the name of the ZZ Top rock anthem. Next to the fuel station is Weikel’s Bakery, and they make these huge baking trays of tear apart open ‘pillows’ of fluffy dough with a ‘pond’ of flavor in the middle. They’re a big part of the Czech heritage in Central Texas, and Weikel’s have 16 flavored kolaches to choose from … far too hard, as they taste every bit as light and fluffy as they look! Here’s the two that literally dissolved in our mouths – local peach preserves on the left, and apricot on the right. As they say in this part of the world “mighty fine”!

See you when it’s Wednesday.


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