Baltimore Ravens own donuts!

10.40am, Friday 19th October, BWI Airport, Gate 8, Maryland, USA

Aaaaaaaaargh! Airport Security!!! There, I’m a lot happier now. After the 1 hour and 5 minutes – I kid you not!! – to get through security this morning, I need a treat! Fortunately, Dunkin Donuts are big fans of the local NFL Baltimore Ravens football team, and I bought both big purple machine donuts – on the left is the ‘Sack tat quarterback’ (on the opposition team!) vanilla Creme filled chocolate iced thingy, and on the right – Ravens DDefense special! Yum! Off to do big bizzness in North Carolina. See ya soon Raleigh Durham!


2 responses to “Baltimore Ravens own donuts!

    • Yes….they do….but there’s this vanilla ice Creme filling that’s just special inside! And let’s hope the DDefense Ravens have a good run tomorrow. Baltimore is playing the Texans, just down the road in Houston. I shall put my lucky Raven earrings in!!

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