The not so glamorous part of business travel!

5.58am, Sunday 14th October, Amtrak waiting lounge, Penn Station, New York City, NY, USA

Morning folks, and I know it’s early, because the crew setting up to film in Times Square today has been able to park right along 46th street – because it’s empty! As is Times Square! Except for the street sweepers and a few sailors on their way home. All week the place has been literally seething with people – from 7 or 8 in the morning when we’ve been on our way out and about, until 11 or midnight when we’ve been coming in.

Any rate – Baltimore here we come! And I’ll catch up all the good New York and New Jersey stuff later today


2 responses to “The not so glamorous part of business travel!

  1. travel safe x

    • Thanks Viv – loving this free wi fi on the train – thanks very much Amtrak Connect!! I have more ‘travel with Fred’ stuff, as I went down to Pier 54 – or what’s left of it – yesterday morning, and tried to get a mental picture of what it would have been like with those magnificent liners all berthed down there along the Hudson river. More photos and stories to come – just have to get the time!

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