In New York with Anthony LaPaglia & Dan Stevens

11.32pm, Saturday 13th October, 46th and 6th, Midtown, Manhattan, NYC, NY, USA

Evening folks, and just when you think things can’t get any better because you’ve been in the right place at the right time to see a talented young English bloke – that would be Dan Stevens – make his (pretty impressive) Broadway debut in The Heiress…..they do!! I found out a couple of days ago that Anthony LaPaglia was opening last night ‘off Broadway’ down at the Vineyard Theatre on Union Square in a brand new play called ‘Checkers’. Our man LaPaglia plays US president Richard Nixon of all roles – back when he was running for the Vice President on the Eisenhower ticket. Set in 1952 during the cut and thrust of campaigning, the story unfolds, revealing layer upon layer of the political shenanigans going on at the time in this country. And Nixon – along with his wife Pat – played jolly impressively by Kathryn Erbe from ‘Law and Order Criminal Intent’ is right in the thick of it all playing a pivotal role……and this is way way way before the word ‘Watergate’ entered the picture! From the limited amount of newsreel that I’ve seen, LaPaglia nails Nixon – especially the head set low into the shoulders. After watching ‘Checkers’, now I want to read the history books on that part of America’s political history – I’ve missed out on some really interesting stuff. But actually, it was also a big flashing neon finger pointing out just what’s at stake personally for the candidate and their family when they enter and stay involved in politics……it’s definitely not all beer and skittles! Good job to the ensemble cast…..tough political and emotional stuff!!

So on that note, I’ll set the alarm and hit the hay – I’ll be on the early train to Baltimore tomorrow morning. And…..I have much to tell about the ground that Aaron – our man in New York and New Jersey now – and I were able to cover in the last few days. They’ve been fairly solid days and late nights, but 3 hours on the train tomorrow and I might just catch up. See ya when we’re on Amtrak’s “Northeast Regional” heading south.



One response to “In New York with Anthony LaPaglia & Dan Stevens

  1. yalumbastories

    Thanks very much, there’s also a post on the folks at Five Leaves and Kiwiana – two top Brooklyn spots that have our wines. I got lucky with a matinee of ‘Checkers’ on the final day of my last visit to New York, and try and see something at the theatre each visit. I’ve just come back to the winery after doing events in London, and saw Helen Mirren in ‘The Audience’ – now there’s an actor who completely owns the stage! I should write that one up!

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