Supermarket hopping in New Jersey

11.57pm, Wednesday 10th October, 46th street and 7th avenue, Manhattan, NYC, NY, USA

Evening folks – late – but I wanted to sneak this in before crashing into bed – it’s been a big couple of days!

Today Aaron the Boy Wonder (our new man in New York City) and I trained out to New Jersey and supermarket hopped across the state with our distributor Fedway. In fact it was Mike ‘Espo’ Esposito, all round sports fanatic, baseball coach, and good bloke. We were in excellent hands as we visited another three of the Wegmans stores – not just your ordinary supermarkets, folks! For starters, each one has its own in-house baking oven, turning out their own bread, cakes and biscuits daily. So there are butchers, bakers and fresh sushi makers … and cheese! The prepared food sections are simply amazing – so it makes matching meals with our wines on the shelf an easy option.

We visited the Woodbridge, Bridgewater and Princeton stores (yep, that would be the same town where youll find Princeton of Ivy League university fame) and presented our wines to the enthusiastic wine teams at each.

And at Wegmans Woodbridge I did my first wine training under a mirrorball! I like to think it gave me a bit of sparkle on the day. Maybe we should get one for our cellar door at the winery – festive season is around the corner! No, bit frivolous – forget I mentioned it.

Have a look, see what you think.

I’ve also put in some photos of the ideal combinations for our Yalumba Y Series Unwooded Chardonnay and Y Series Viognier – the snow crab ‘clusters’, crab stuffed flounder, and signature crab cakes.

We had a top day out and will be back to do two classes at least at the Wegmans Bridgewater around this time next year – thanks Jerry and Fran and the team, not forgetting the chefs! – I love that cooking school demo room of yours. We’ll have some fun with that! Until then – thanks to all the crews at Wegmans across New Jersey – and we’ll see ya same time next year.

Now it’s lights out, and I’ll see you when it’s a split Thursday between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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