Hi New York … I’m home!

11.46pm, Saturday 6th October, 46th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues, Manhattan, NY, NY

Evening, folks, not more than 7 hours in town, and I’m right at home! Now where I’m staying – 46th between 6th and 7th – is right in Midtown Manhattan, actually right in the heart of the Theatre District itself. So first job – duck around the corner to the Walter Kerr Theater on 48th to pick up the tickets for tomorrow afternoon’s preview performance of “The Heiress”. Yep, that would be with our favorite English bloke of the moment Dan Stevens. Boy, that lad is everywhere! As soon as we landed at La Guardia airport, I grabbed my bible for what to see and do in this fabulous city – Time Out New York. I was ploughing through it in the taxi as it sped downtown – always better to concentrate on something else when you’re in a yellow cab in Manhattan – too scary otherwise! And what’s on page 91? Our man Dan! Who was featured this morning as part of the New Yorker Festival in a panel on period acting with the sensational Jennifer Ehle (another English export famous for playing opposite Colin Firth’s Mr Darcy) – yep, same man Dan! Can’t wait to see the boy do his thing on the boards tomorrow arvo. I’ll have a full – objective I promise – review on tomorrow’s blog.

Then it was across to Justin Timberlake’s place at 45th Street and 9th Avenue – Southern Hospitality – for an early dinner. I’m not a fan of the lad’s music, but his Memphis style BBQ restaurant could be lifted completely and plonked anywhere in Tennessee and would more than hold its own! It’s the real smoky sweet deal – trust me!

And it wouldn’t be New York if you didn’t have a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee – as reliable as clockwork – and I couldn’t resist the seasonal Halloween version of the Boston Creme doughnut – the Boston Scream! Never fear, only had one bite – didn’t finish it – doing mostly the right things!

So folks, I’ve just walked home through a jam-packed Times Square as the theaters are letting out, the street wagon hot dog, shaslik and warm toffee-coated nut vendors are flat out, the mounted police are clipclopping about protecting and serving, and the monster Midtown fire department trucks are doing laps, exercising those cut your eardrums apart sirens! Yep … must be New York!

PS. If the weather cooperates tomorrow morning, we’ll be back on the track of Fred Caley Smith. Fred was in New York back in 1893, and he set sail for England on December 12th from the White Star Line wharf on Manhattan’s Hudson River side – on the “Britannic”. This was the same wharf where the “Titanic” was to dock at the end of her maiden voyage, but where the “Carpathia” docked instead with the survivors of that disastrous moment in maritime history. Now apparently there’s one steel Spanish of that White Star Line wharf left – earmarked for demolition – so we’ll try and track that down.

See ya when it’s Sunday!








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