Denver – winter has landed!

7.33am, Friday 5th October, Louisville near Denver, Colorado, USA

Morning folks, I took a look outside the window to see what sort of day we’ll be having, and it looks like just a light dusting of snow for now! It’s exactly 32 F or 0 degrees C outside – that’s officially freezing, and for my money – means that winter has landed! Good thing I got a REALLY early pickup with Supershuttle tomorrow morning. Its over an hours drive to the Denver airport – which for some reason was planted completely out in the middle of nowhere with regular wind shear problems – and if there’s the first snow of the season about, the traffic will be wobbly, and we don’t want anything getting in the way of us getting to New York! We have tickets to the theatre! To see Dan Stevens!

But before that, we have a session with the salesteam from ourColorado distributor Classic Wines, and a tasting with 75 people this evening from Uncorked Denver – so I’ll see you later when I want to tell you about the tremendous folks at Johns Restaurant in Boulder.


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