Denver – What are s’mores?

11.52pm, Thursday 4th Oct, Boulder to Louisville near Denver, Colorado, USA

Evening folks, we’ve just finished two sittings – 6pm and 8pm – of our wine dinner with John’s Restaurant and Liquormart Boulder, and Corey the chef/ wine buyer/ part owner has just made a lot of people in Boulder very happy. And our wines helped! But more about that tomorrow.

For now, I just want to show you this fab dessert from our lunch today with wine journo, blogger, and traveling foodie Ben Weinberg. We went to John Elway’s Colorado Steakhouse in Cherry Creek – he’s a legendary local football hero – used to be the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. But this is the best thing I’ve seen on a dessert list in ages – “do it yourself s’mores”. Now s’mores are a traditional American treat that you make when you go camping. You toast your marshmallow in the campfire until it’s all melty, then squeeze it between two ‘Graham cracker’ biscuits that you’ve first coated with melted chocolate. Yep, it’s a marshmallow chocolate sandwich! And they bring you everything at your table including your own mini campfire, and away you go!! Only in America folks – and you have to love it!



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