Denver – summer yesterday & winter today!

11.05am, Thursday 4th October, Denver downtown, Colorado, USA

Morning folks, just about to have a chat to a wine journo, but had to check the weather channels stuff this morning to see if they were actually right. They reckon it’s 40 degrees F right now, and even though it’s overcast, I couldn’t believe that after yesterday’s sunshine and eventual 85 F or 30 degrees C – that it could drop to 40F and that’s 4 degrees C people, really chilly thanks – today! But it is. And I’m glad I’ve got my thick Boeing hoodie and Yalumba high collar winter jacket on board. And they’re talking snow tomorrow and Saturday. Wow – winter is definitely here.

As long as nothing stops my airplane from leaving Denver on Saturday for New York City!! I have a ticket for the Broadway debut on Sunday of one of the most interesting character actors we’ve seen for years – England’s Dan Stevens – or our man Matthew Crawley from the hit TV show ‘Downton Abbey’. Good thing Denver airport is well set up for snow, and I’m flying with the top folks from Southwest Airlines – I’m sure they’ll get me there in time to see ‘The Heiress’ – Walter Kerr Theater – with David (Good Night and Good Luck) Strathairn and Jessica (The Help)


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