Denver Day 1 – the USA Presidential Debate!


7.22am, Wednesday 3rd October, Louisville near Denver, Colorado, USA

Morning, folks, we’re in Colorado for the next three days, and we’ll be right amongst all the action in Denver today, as it’s the location for tonight’s US Presidential debate between the man currently in charge – President Barack Obama from the Democrat camp – and the challenger from the Republican side Mitt Romney. It’s at the University of Denver this evening, and Air Force One – the President’s personal Boeing – will be up in the sky, and the interstate I 25 will be closed in both directions as part of the security arrangements, so it’s going to be quite a chaotic moment for Denver all round.

With the overwhelming number of ‘polls’ being quoted in the media predicting which way the election is going to go, come November, one of the local franchise stores – 7-11 – has been running its own version. When you buy a coffee, you ‘vote’ by choosing the cup from the candidate you prefer. I’m going with this poll! It’s probably just as accurate as the rest! I put a photo of the options below.

But for us today, the weather is cooperating – a high of 83 degrees F (28 C ) – but then a chilly front is coming in with 55 F (12 C ) tomorrow, and a chance of snow by Saturday morning when we fly on through to New York City. We’ll be going into the city to do a big icon tasting for the Denver and surrounding trade with our distributor in Colorado – Classic Wines. So that gets us started in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado; now I’m keen to catch up some of the Vancouver and Seattle stuff.

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