See ya Sea Tac!

6.57am, Sunday 30th September, Sea Tac Airport, Washington state, USA

Morning folks, the suns up and it’s yet another beautiful autumn / fall day in Seattle. The rental vehicle is brim full of petrol / gas and is safely back with it’s owner, and I’ve survived yet another “up very very close but not very friendly” encounter with airport security, courtesy of that brand new steel knee of mine. Trust me, if only you could fly without having to go to an airport – it would be such an easier experience!

Anyway, on to more memorable things! I ducked back into Tacoma yesterday for lunch at one of the historical buildings in the Stadium District. There’s a jolly good reason for the long line of people and cars at this faithfully kept in it’s original running order drive through burger joint. Welcome to Frisko Freeze. I went with the Cheeseburger and onion rings, and with the chopped lettuce, mayo and a completely different sweet mustard pickle – this is definitely one of my top ten burgers in the USA! Big call I know, but right on the money! And the onion rings……it must be the sweet local Walla Walla onions that every one uses up here in the Pacific Northwest, but they’re magic. I could only get through two or three on top of the cheeseburger, and it was a shame to let them go! Crunchy breaded coating more than battered, and very very tasty.might have to see if Damon down at our local Angaston Fordies pizza bar can have a go at doing this style of onion rings.

Any rate, we’re off to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada this morning – some very very important events on our agenda – including a session with nearly my favorite wine scribe Tony Gismondi. See ya when we’re in Tim Horton’s maple dipped donut territory – yum!

And just to tease you – here’s my Frisko Freeze lunchtime moment from yesterday….



4 responses to “See ya Sea Tac!

  1. Helen Hill Smith

    Schnitzel I am sitting here in Angaston Hospital with Mum reading her your blog. As always entertaining but she is worried about you eating too many deeeeeep fried onion rings. I told her you only look at them and let others enjoy them as they are off your dietary list since 2009! She sends her best from Room 12 and says enjoy Vancouver then the Big Apple and keep her grand daughter out of trouble ! From my corner give Gismondi my very best and Kathryn and also Pacific a geeup!! Mum looks forward to your tales true and false on your return. Sell well, spread the gospel.

    • Never fear! Even though I put away the burger and three onion rings, it’s all balanced up with yoghurt and muesli most mornings, and beet salad yesterday! It’s just that muesli and beet salads never make as interesting photos as the cool old burger joints! I shall add in a few of the healthy options though, just to show the whole picture. I’m half way through the trip this week, so see you when it’s November!

  2. Welcome to Canada! Any chance that you will come up to the Okanagan Valley? Harvest is in full swing down here in the Southern part of the valley.

    • Unfortunately no side trip to the Oakanagen this time – we’ve a fairly solid two days in ‘Van City’. But good luck with the crush

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