The rest of that day in Tacoma

7.07am, Friday 28th September, Downtown Seattle, WA, USA

Morning folks, let’s finish off the recap of our day in Tacoma and then I’ll get to yesterday’s sun soaked day in Seattle.

After our giant prawn adventure with Patrick and Mitchell at the Metropolitan Market in the Proctor district, our day just kept going in the same excellent fashion. We went to see Tom and Chris at Vinotique – the only wine shop and wine bar with food combination. I’ve ever seen with it’s own performance stage. Apparently on Friday nights the place is packed and the jam sessions go until way late of a night time. I think I’m free to do the tasting event on the bench that night!

On to the neat little Wildside Wine hole in the wall super shop with owner Carol running the tasting the bench, who has had our wines on for ages thanks very much…..

As have the boys at Wine Bank & Beer Vault , with the lovely Bob in charge. Let me state for the record that the folks over there in Tacoma that have anything to do with the wine game are just delightful, and I was thrilled to bits to be there! Even the salesman from another (American) wine company that was in the store tasted through the wines with us!

Then it was lunch for us… ‘the new aroma in Tacoma’……”Stink”! it’s a cheese shop with wine and food, and its fabulous. It’s in the Stadium District, which is a retro just a bit art deco area that’s hung on to the old buildings and neon, and is a really interesting neighborhood. I had one of the salami sandwiches for lunch – just have a look at how good that was!, and the owner Kris as well as Dana from the speciality food market Dave’s Meat & Produce sat in with us and tasted our bagful of wines. Highlight of the session? Kris explained how she makes her bacon jam – caramelized onions, balsamic vinegar, slow cooked with bacon into a ‘paste’ that is the ‘X factor’ in their super special grilled cheese sandwich. And……it just happens to go incredibly well with our 2010 Bushvine Grenache. It looks like we may very well find ourselves back at Stink this time next year doing an event in the new wine bar room next door! As long as we have some of Kris’s mini grilled cheese sandwiches on the menu….I’ll be there!

After lunch I fell into a bit of an “I’m just a bit tired hole” but after coffee it was over to see the boys at Pop’s Liquor Store, which has just opened recently, and they were looking for some help with some Australian wines. Good thing we could help out – thanks boys and all the best with the new store – we’ll see you in a years time for that BBQ!

And last but not definitely not least – Cafe Divino to catch up with some old mates from the trade Ty and Donna – and to see if our theory on whether crab cakes and lobster quesadillas being the perfect match for our viogniers was correct. Thanks a huge amount Jan for letting us use all your glassware, showing 12 wines over the evening, and to Trish from Noble for an excellent day out in ‘ T Town ‘………..which is definitely our type of town!!

See you all in 12 months, and in the meantime…..stay safe and thanks for having us on your shelves!









One response to “The rest of that day in Tacoma

  1. well done Jane on coinciding with non rainy month in Seattle!

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