Big Day Out in Tacoma

8.18am, Thursday 27th September, looking at the Seattle Space Needle out my hotel window

Morning, folks, and as promised, the recap of our day around the traps in Tacoma – it was a biggie! We started with the boys at the Metropolitan Market in the Proctor neighborhood. Now I can hear you ask when you look at the photo – it’s just a supermarket, why bother. But see – this is the value of seeing the wine and food arena from the ground up over here – it’s not just your common garden variety supermarket, the Metro Market at Proctor is special! And our wines are looked after there by a special bloke called Patrick Emmons – Australian music trivia king! Thank heavens I’m old enough to know who The Easybeats were and could sing several verses and the chorus to “Friday on my mind!” Patrick looks after the wine department at the market, which faces the seafood section, run by our good looking yo ho ho style modern day pirate Mitchell Busick. Not surprisingly, our Y Viognier has been flying off the shelves – an easy partner for the fresh – some of it still live – seafood every day. Have a look at that photo of Patrick doing his Crocodile Dundee impersonation with the Marmite (closest thing in the store to Vegemite) and the African prawn … “That’s not a prawn … THIS is a prawn!”And that’s Mitch with the bottle alongside the prawn, just so you can see how jolly big they are … bargain at $9.99 each when the tail is nearly the size of a small lobster.






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