T Town is our town!

10.17pm, Wednesday 26th September, Stewart Street, Seattle, WA, USA

Evening, folks, and ‘T Town’ is how we hipsters refer to the neighborhood-strong city south of Seattle called Tacoma. We were in safe hands with our spiritual guide Trish from Noble Wines – our distributor in Washington state – and we had nothing short of a sensational day out on the streets of T Town today! We literally just got back from dinner at Cafe Divino in the Old Town section of Tacoma, and I have much to tell about our day … but my eyes are closing, so I’ll do it first thing tomorrow morning before we go to the famous Seattle landmark – Pike Place Market – for breakfast.

So I’ll leave you with ‘The Tacoma Omen’ – which was in the window of a junk shop next to where I had breakfast in Tacoma this morning – the fabulous Southern Kitchen. It just jumped out at me and said … you’re going to have a top day in this town. So it’s now sitting on the top shelf of the bar in Cafe Divino – thanks Jan! – waiting until the same time next year, where I’ve challenged our locals to try and track down the missing top of the Tacoma Omen bottle. Anyone that finds the missing ‘top of the gum tree’ gets a magnum of Signature – courtesy of my house account.

So here’s the Tacoma Omen. … our good luck charm for great Yalumba times in T Town ongoing … and check back tomorrow morning for the details of our top day out and about – thanks a huge amount Trish!

See ya when I’ve slept



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